Heatwave Spurs Surge in ‘Eye Stroke’ Cases: What It Is and How to Protect Yourself

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Understanding ‘Eye Stroke’ The recent heatwave has led to a noticeable increase in cases of ‘eye stroke,’ a condition medically known as retinal artery occlusion. This condition occurs when the blood flow to the retina is blocked, leading to sudden vision loss. While it can affect anyone, certain factors, including extreme heat, can exacerbate the … Read more

The Benefits of Soaked Almonds for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Introduction to Soaked Almonds Almonds are a popular nut known for their numerous health benefits. While consuming raw almonds is common, soaking them can enhance their nutritional profile and make them easier to digest. This blog post will explore the benefits of soaked almonds and how they contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional Boost from … Read more